Chris  was aware of the spirit world from an early age and remembers at the age of ten, playing a game in which he would simply sit and shift his consciousness elsewhere. Looking back now he can see that this was a very early introduction to the altered state of trance.
The biggest influence on the young Chris was his late grandfather who took him to various spiritualist churches and in doing so captivated the interest of the boy, and left him with a fascination for the spiritual world that would remain with him throughout his life. 
However, it wasn't until the age of 40 that Chris began to hear and see the spirit world in a way he had not since he was a child, finally receiving the wake up call which would take him on his soul's purpose. 
He began to visit spiritual churches again and one evening the medium strongly informed him from the platform that he was destined to engage in spiritual healing work using his ‘healing hands’.
Chris then decided to develop his mediumistic abilities which soon led him to working in the altered states, and with the help of a internationally renowned tutor and Trance Medium,  he began his journey to becoming a trance healer.
He now works with a large team of surgeons, specialists, doctors and healers from the spirit realms, finally using his ‘healing hands’ to help others.
Chris's healing journey continues daily, with his workers in the spirit world hinting at all sorts of amazing things to come. Hard work, discipline and dedication are all Chris's watchwords and massive mutual trust and respect exists between him and his spirit team which is led by legendary healer Harry Edwards. 
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