Chris carried out treatment on my leg last night. I had been getting a lot of pain due to a blood clot in my thigh. The treatment was very relaxing and comforting at the time, I was able to have a pain free sleep and the leg feels far less painful as I move around this morning, great result by a true gentleman.
This follows treatment my mother received from him in December. Shes had bother with athritis all her life and the last few years real bother with her eyes. Chris worked a lot on her eyes and when I drove her home she was getting very excited about how clear she could see in the night light. She phoned every day constantly reporting how things were much clearer.
Great guy, great results

Just want it to say Thank you so much for the healing. Being on the table receiving the healing has been an absolutely amazing experience. Not only relaxing but also to be able to  feel the energy flowing through out the entire body its just out of this planet. Just for this it self I would of came back for another one but that's not why I am writing.
So yesterday I've been in the hospital for follow up appointment with specialist for the condition I've got. We were meant to be talking about very serious surgery that I was meant to have, and we were all really shocked as to what came next.
After very close examination I have been told that a miracle has happened and the very big problem they were meant to deal with is no were to be seen no more and everything is back to how it should be. So from a very serious surgery it came down to a little physio therapy to help with one of the outside problems I've had which they could not concentrate on over the surgery they were meant to deal with first.
Thank you and your wonderful team for all the help you have given me through the healing.
Honestly can say it was Miracle with what has taken places. I couldn't be happier with the results I was given. Now I don't have to worry about the surgery, I don't have to worry about not being able to be a good mom for my son as now I know I'll be there for him.
Thank you so so much, you have changed my life for better, and I can ever be thankful enough.
Kind regards Angelika

Just got amazing news my creatinine level is down to 285. It has not been that level for a year and a half. My nurse said they never see that happening so i know its Chris and his amazing Spirit team. Thanks
Carmel Morgan

I have recently had surgery with great results .
Prior to the surgery I attended Chris's healing clinics. My results where unbelievable, was the word the surgeon used. Having suffered from endometriosis from around my teens ,now in my thirty's this condition seemed to cause me cysts on my ovary's .Prior to the surgery I was scanned, the cyst to the right seemed to have disappeared! there was no cyst to the right side but still one present on the left ovary although measuring smaller than previous scan so surgery went ahead with great results .
The left cyst was successfully removed without damaging ovary, but the best result was my endometriosis had vanished, unbelievably no trace of the disease .The surgeon seemed to look rather confused when reading my notes from previous history. I have healed well and now pain free and very greatfull to Chris and his spirit team they are invaluable. This result is more proof of this very valuable gift Chris shares and works hard to help who ever he can .
Thank you to you and your team.

I have been attending Chris Ratters clinic for a short while due to a condition called COPD, there is no doubt it has helped me tremendously and all I have to say is I was a sceptic but not anymore.
Alan Osbourne

When I first met Chris I was having a lot of discomfort with my stomach and digestive system which is now all gone. Chris makes you feel so welcome and relaxed when you go for your healing session. Many thanks Chris & spirit for all your held
Sadie Bradley

Hi Chris, I've been meaning to contact you for a while now to share my wonderful news (although I suspect you already know!) The treatment I came for in April worked I conceived that same month and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant. I hope you are well and keeping busy
Angela Mather

Hi I was diagnosed with gullet cancer , I have been to see Chris 3 times and felt great. I have just received my scan results and they were excellent, the doctor said to me,  we are delighted with the scan. I have to go back in three months. I have not done anything different but to go and see Chris Ratter and I beleive its his work that has done this . I still can't take it in. THANKS CHRIS
Pat (Glasgow)

Hi Chris, I came to see you after suffering with nerve damage on my upper side of my body after reconstruction surgery, 3 years I put up with pain all day - it felt like knives were being scrapped down my arm. I did try pain killers, gels, creams and patches from the doctor and a pain clinic! I can't put into words how different it feels now, I can use my arm like normal.

I want to thank you!

Hi Chris, Thank you very much for the work you and your spirits did for me, I have struggled and suffered with my oesphagael stricture for over 23 years and have been in hospital to have it stretched frequently, sometimes as an emergency, I can now eat some foods that I haven't been able to for all these years.
I cannot explain my joy and happiness. God Bless you and your spirit surgeons. Sylvia

I suffer from renal failure & have been on dialysis for over 2 years. I first visited Chris in March this year after having various complications with my dialysis & always feeling tired & run down. After my first session which was on Monday I had bloods taken on the Thursday at hospital the results I got from these bloods was amazing my overall clearance result had gone from 73% to 80% & I was definitely finding it easier to cope with. I had further bloods taken in April & my clearance was now 81% I have never been above 73% in the 2yrs on dialysis & the only change I have made is my visits to Chris. My doctors are so impressed that they are considering cutting the time I have to be on dialysis & possibly allowing me to do home dialysis which had previously been. I had a further session on 8/4/14 & again left feeling wonderfully relaxed & the following I had the best dialysis session ever. I  would not hesitate to recommend Chris his work is astounding & I will certainly be booking more sessions.
Nicola Wood

 I suffer from end stage renal failure & have been on dialysis for almost 3 years while waiting for my second kidney transplant sadly this is proving difficult due to antibodies in my system that haven't responded to convential medicine. I have had four sessions with Chris & my latest blood results have showed that the antibodies have reduced four fold which will now enable me to be considered for transplants that would have previously rejected. My consultants are amazed & I have had no other treatments except for my sessions with Chris, I cant thank him enough he truly has an amazing gift & I will definitely be booking more sessions.
Nicola Wood (update)

I visited Chris for the first time with some long-standing sporting injuries and an even longer-standing stomach problem.  From just one session with Chris around a week ago, both injuries have improved significantly and my stomach feels better than it ever has.  The session has also helped me to improve my meditation technique and encouraged me to do it more regularly.  I have finally managed to let go and this has changed my meditative states to no end.  Chris possesses an amazing talent which I can only say has helped me and improved my life for the better, and I will continue to visit Chris regularly for both these physical and spiritual benefits. I can't recommend or thank him enough for his help this far x
Rhona Swain
For over 15 years my knees have dislocated of their own accord; I've had to be extremely careful how I move around, especially coming down stairs, as sometimes even the slightest incorrect movement can cause dislocation and then of course, severe pain.  I have seen Chris twice over the last couple of months.  After my first session my knees felt instantly better.   After a few hours I was able to almost run down stairs without a second thought.  Just to reiterate I haven't been able to move this freely for over 15 years and now it just feels normal! Having had a second session my knees continue to improve every day.  Chris has done a wonderful thing for me and I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Victoria O'Donoghue
I first met Chris earlier this year, and feel very fortunate to know a man with such an incredible gift.  I went to Chris not knowing what expect, but left with a feeling of amazement, calm, and gratitude.  I have suffered from a knee and shoulder injury for the last few years which have prevented me from training to my full potential, or even bear weight I would deem easy.  I want to return to play club rugby again for some time but been unable to due to these injuries.  Since seeing Chris they have increasingly improved and now I am progressively lifting more weight and taking small steps towards being able to do the training I want and need to do.  Chris does not only provide an exceptional healing experience but he has enriched my connection to the spirit world through our time together.  He has become a good friend of mine and I would urge people to visit him and discover and experience what he can do for you. Plus he very normal, down to earth and easy to talk to
Dean Corrigan
My daughter is 2.5 yrs old and she has inflammatory bowel disease. She has suffered from nausea, loss of appetite, persistent diarrhoea and dramatic weight loss and bleeding.  The first time we went to see Chris he was so understanding and was willing to do Kerry's healing when she was in her pram as she is very afraid of doctors, nurses etc from all the bad experiences she has suffered in hospital.She lost her trust and was so sore, but Chris and his team have been amazingly patient with her. After just the first healing Kerry started to pick up .... she started eating again for the first time in months. She then returned for some more healings and from there her bleeding has stopped and she has started to gain weight. The diarrhoea has settled down and she does not feel as sick and now looks like a normal toddler again.  Kerry really trusts Chris and this happened after the first meeting with him there was an instant trust and he made her feel so safe he has been a comfort to her wee life... and now we have got our wee girl back thanks to his powerful healing power.  Kerry now calls Chris the Magic Man.
Thank you Magic Man xxx
Claire McDonald
As you knew before last Monday I did not believe in psychic healing. Since you treated me I have been working a few busy shifts. This is the reason why I waited so long to give you my report.
 I must now admit that you are right and it does work. 
I can get up in the morning and walk properly instead of struggling for 15 or 20 minute .
 It's really amazing and I have been talking about you and my back to a lot of people telling them how spectacular I feel now.
 I am now one of your biggest fan I will keep telling people about you and your site on the Internet.
Didier Monney

Who said M.E could not be cured?
in September 1989 I became ill with a virus called psittacosis. after spending a couple of weeks in bed expected to recover and carry on with my normal way of life. My energy never returned fully and I constantly felt unwell. I had given birth to my only child in January so was blissfully happy and enjoying life to the full. I tried to ignore the tiredness and the unpleasant symptoms and to carry on normally. A few months later I finally ground to a halt and had to admit that I was very ill. I spent the next year in bed, I hardly had enough energy to lift my hand to put food into my mouth, sometimes I needed help to get to the bathroom even though it was only a few strides away. Along with fatigue there was pain, confusion, gut problems and many more.
Slowly my health improved and After 3 years I was about 60% of the person I used to be. anyway, 60% was good enough to have a great time and to enjoy being a wife and a mum again. That in itself is a privilege.
Sadly this did not last long. after a year or so I suffered a relapse and the whole cycle began again, I had 5 relapses in all. Each time it became more difficult to reach a reasonable level during the periods of remission.
Because conventional medicine did not recognise M.E as a disease I got very little help or comfort despite having been admitted to hospital a couple of times with symptoms relating to heart problems. I was told rather coldly that my heart was healthier than that of the doctor who had examined me and that I had merely had a "panick attack" 
On several occasions I suggested to the GP that my central nervous system was not as it should be, but was told that nothing could be done to help with M.E. Some of the symptoms that I was experiencing were weird and difficult to explain, so, of course, when I tried to describe them I got some strange looks. I decided that there was no point saying much more to the GP about these matters because it would probably have been interpreted as being psychological. Two years ago I suffered a severe epileptic fit and was rushed to hospital. The same happened again 6 weeks later. epilepsy was then diagnosed and it was vaguely suggested that some of the symptoms I had experienced previously could have been minor epileptic seizures. As a result my central nervous system was definitely not working properly and a return to normal life seemed unlikely. Over the years I have tried many complementary therapies although nothing really helped, but about 18 months ago my path led me to Chris. After undergoing a course of treatment with him I can now say that I have got my life back and that my M.E is a thing of the past. Yes, it is a thing of the past! Because there was a lot of damage to my central nervous system it took quite a lot of treatments but I looked forward to each appointment as I knew that something was finally working and was going to help me. I knew, with out a doubt, that things were being healed and that no other treatment in the world could do what was being done, it was, and is, truly incredible. I now have my life back and I am getting over the fear of having another relapse even if I over exert myself. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Chris and his team of spirit healers. there is no treatment on earth that could have helped me as this has. Absolutely none at all. Chris is a very dedicated, lovely man who wants to heal people by channeling healing energy from the spirit world ..... And it obviously works!!!!!  So, who said there is no cure for M.E??
Think again, because there is definitely help out there, just contact Chris. To say "thank you" seems inadequate but that's all I have I'm afraid, so, thank you to Chris and your wonderful team of spirit friends, advisors and healers.
Keep up the good work XXX.  Pauline

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