Trance Healing
Spiritual Healing occurs when a healer acts as a channel for healing energies from the Spirit world, allowing the energies to flow through their hands to the patient. The more the healer is able to blend with the Spirit World the deeper the healing effect. The healing energy passes to the patient as the healer places his hands lightly on or above the patient's body.
Trance Healing takes this blending between the  Spirit doctors and healer to a much closer level, through the healer entering into an altered or trance state.
This allows the Spirit world to heal more deeply and effectively, using the combined psychic power of the healer with their own  power.
There is nothing to be concerned about however, as you the patient will not notice anything untoward, other than beautiful, soothing healing energy flowing through your body.
When you have a healing with Chris he will normally ask you to lie on a treatment bed.
However if this is not possible you can still be treated equally as well sitting on a chair. 
Patients often report feeling ultra relaxed as if they had been anesthetised, others may experience a lovely feeling of well being.
It is advisable to drink water after healing, and to allow plenty of time to come back into the real world. More that one healing session may be required. 
 A healing session normally lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.
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