Chris Ratter is a special kind of Spiritual healer who performs hands off, non-invasive psychic surgery and trance healing. 
He knows this is his life purpose and he possesses a burning passion to work with the Spirit world to help heal those of us living in this physical world.
He works with a powerful team of surgeons, doctors and healers from the spirit realms, using his ‘healing hands’ to channel their amazing healing energy. This energy is then used to address the ailments and dis-eases which are present within our bodies,minds, emotions  and spirits.
Chris lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where he currently holds weekly surgeries, and he also holds regular monthly surgeries across the UK, Ireland and Europe. It should be noted that Chris is not a medical doctor and his healing services should be used in conjunction with the advice of your own doctor.
He is honoured to be a servant and conduit for the Spirit world and is more than happy to help anyone who seeks out his services. 
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