A rare and powerful advancement of Spiritual and Trance Healing is the phenomenon of Psychic Surgery and Chris is both humbled and grateful that Spirit have chosen to work through him in this profound and deeply effective way.
The true beauty of Psychic Surgery is the all-consuming way in which Spirit has come forward into the energy of the Healer and Chris will often report a sensation of standing next to his own body watching these great surgeons at work.  The level of trust and strength of the relationship with Spirit is what makes this form of healing so rare and effective.
Similar to Trance Healing, Psychic Surgery is non-invasive and the patient lies (fully clothed) on the treatment bed with the Healer’s hands either gently on or above the body. The surgery takes place on the etheric, or  energy body of the patient and whilst there is no pain involved, many patients have reported feeling the physical sensation of ‘a lump being removed’ or ‘a lung being cleared’. 
Through the gifts of Psychic Surgery, many of Chris’s patients have been able to avoid conventional surgery or have had their surgical procedures greatly simplified – much to the amazement of medical practitioners!  Chris can cite many instances where cysts and tumors have been completely removed or reduced in size to the extent that conventional surgery is no longer required.
Psychic Surgery is a remarkable gift from Spirit and Chris considers it a blessing every day to receive feedback on the remarkable improvements in his patient’s conditions, well-being and life.