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I am now delighted to be able to offer a new service – Online Healings.

This technology will allow me to perform trance healings with clients from all over the world. The beauty of this treatment is that you can have a wonderful healing session, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

This type of healing allows energy to be created and then draw close to the recipient of the healing, creating a bond between them and my team of spirits, a closeness similar to what’s created at my clinics.

Skype healings are private, personal and convenient, especially for those who have trouble travelling to visit me.

I only ask that you keep an open mind to the energies created and accept what takes place.

I have trialled this with existing clients and they have all reported it to be very effective and relaxing.

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4 reviews for Online Healing

  1. Azreal Lower (verified owner)

    The healing was magnificent. Energy was loving, soothing, and warm. Chris and his spiritual team put me at ease. I truly felt that I could let go and trust the process and that was so important to me. I am a diasabled veteran and have had Diverticulities for 27 years without any help from the Veterans Hospital. So, my condition is severe and very painful. Starting that day my digestion started to work again. Unbeleiveable, I felt so good and joyful after being in severe pain it was such a loving high. It truly is life changing not only health wise but spiritual too.

  2. Hermali (verified owner)

    I had a Skype healing session with Chris and his team of psychic surgeons. They have been really helpful with my acid reflux problem which I have had for so many years and I most appreciate the kind service they have provided. It has made massive changes to my life. Thank you lovely people.

  3. Carlee Paddock (verified owner)

    Chris’s sessions are incredibly relaxing and I am excited that the patches of psoriasis on my legs, arms and buttocks which have been there for years, have decreased in size and intensity about 90%. I can’t believe how smooth my skin is! I have also had a chronic staph sinus infection for something like 12 years that is greatly improved. My husband’s left shoulder pain that has persisted for many years after a fall is 50% better and his right shoulder is about 90% better. His prostate seems to be healthier as he only needs to get up once or twice a night as compared to 3-4 times. We are both extremely happy about the results and are looking forward to working some more with Chris and his team of healers!

  4. Susan Morris (verified owner)

    Chris’s healing sessions are excellent. I had a diagnosis of lung cancer. I had half of my left lung removed but unfortunately, it had spread to my right lung, meaning there was nothing the doctors could do apart from trying immunotherapy. Since having healing from Chris, every CT scan has showed that the tumour has shrunk slightly. On top of that, his sessions just leave you feeling extremely relaxed and empowered and I look forward to to booking them each month. I couldn’t recommend Chris enough.

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