Many of Chris’s course attendees have recently taken the decision that they would like an occasional more intensive and individualistic coaching session, so request teaching time with Chris on a one-to-one basis. This can be to address specific problems that are arising in their attunement or blending, or to push their trance states and healing to the next level.

These sessions are perfect for people who feel stuck or that their spiritual unfoldment has plateaued. Using his own psychic powers and the wealth of wisdom brought by his Spirit team, Chris can directly address the individual’s issues and support them through their next stage of development. This also makes one-to-one teaching perfect for those who feel held back by the emotional or psychological baggage that they have been left with as a result of life’s dramas and challenges; some issues might be too difficult to face in a group setting, but with Chris’s supportive insights and gentle encouragement, major shifts truly can be achieved.

Any questions about the theory and philosophy of trance and healing can be discussed, with the emphasis, as ever, being a disciplined approach to building ‘the power’ and all that can unfold in that blended state with Spirit.

One-to-one coaching sessions can take place either face-to-face or via Skype and last approximately one hour