Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with like-minded souls and makes time between clinics to deliver as many teaching and demonstration events as he can.  In order to accommodate as many people as possible, Chris offers a varied format of events, including demonstrations, one and two day workshops, longer, more intensive training retreats and one-to-one teaching sessions.
Chris’s demonstrations and teaching events take place throughout the year and across the UK, Europe and Ireland. Details of all scheduled events can be found in Chris’s Diary, although these events are often quickly booked, so you may prefer to register your interest and find out about future events using the enquiry option at the bottom of each page.

Chris runs three to five-day teaching retreats throughout the year and in various locations. These retreats offer more intensive guidance and training and are aimed at those who want to spend more time being guided and supported as they advance their relationship with Spirit and their understanding of working effectively in the altered states. Attendees will benefit from working in a greater power that is built up as the days progress and will find their blending with Spirit and trance states are significantly advanced as a result.

These retreats are perfect for those who are ready to bring greater trust into their blending with Spirit and who want to release completely to Spirit, becoming the purest channel in service to the Spirit World.
The locations for these retreats are carefully chosen, offering peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Attendees are encouraged to connect with like minded souls to deepen and enhance there connection to the Spirit world through the wonderful energy of life everlasting.