Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with like-minded souls and makes time between clinics to deliver as many teaching and demonstration events as he can. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, Chris offers a varied format of events, including demonstrations, one and two day workshops, longer, more intensive training retreats and one-to-one teaching sessions.  
 Chris’s demonstrations and teaching events take place throughout the year and across the UK, Europe and Ireland. Details of all scheduled events can be found in Chris’s Diary, although these events are often quickly booked, so you may prefer to register your interest and find out about future events using the enquiry option at the bottom of each page.

One of Chris’s greatest passions is sharing his knowledge and ethos with others as they move through their Spiritual unfoldment.  

Chris’s one and two day trance and Healing workshops are designed to ensure that all levels of experience receive support, guidance and care in a friendly teaching environment. Crucially, however, Chris is adamant that disciplined attunement and true understanding of ‘the power’ are the foundations of all effective mediumship, healing and trance states, so great care is taken to ensure that each individual is operating to their fullest potential within ‘the power’.

Based on these tenets, workshops are structured to accommodate those who are interested in experimenting and exploring the various degrees of Spirit influence to enhance their trance development and gain a true understanding of entering into an altered state. Students will be given the opportunity to explore different aspects of their unfoldment within the altered states of trance, in a safe and comfortable environment. 

In all aspects of his teaching and knowledge-sharing, Chris is acutely aware that we each come to this journey as individuals, and the support, guidance and encouragement required to build confidence and move forward also needs to be individually tailored. Bringing a wealth of experience and his customary good humour, Chris hopes that each participant has experiences they never thought possible and creates friendships that will last a lifetime.

Workshops include the theory of trance and learning how to sit properly in the power, the trance blending process and trance Healing, however if you would like more specific information, please use the enquiry option below.