Spiritual Healing occurs when a Healer acts as a channel for healing energies from the Spirit World, allowing the energies to flow through their hands from Spirit to the patient. The more the Healer is able to blend with the Spirit World the deeper the Healing effect. The Healing energy passes to the patient as the Healer places his hands lightly on or above the patient’s body.
Trance Healing takes this blending between the Spirit doctors and the Healer to a much deeper and more effective level. As the Healer enters into an altered, or trance state of consciousness, this allows a more effective and pure form of Spirit energy to come forward and effect positive health changes in the patient. This special relationship with Spirit can take years to perfect, but the superior results speak for themselves.  
For those patients who are familiar with the work of Spirit, trance Healing can be a profound and memorable experience. For many, there is a grace and harmony in this union that speaks directly with their soul.  However, many of Chris’s patients have no direct experience with the works of Spirit, and are simply looking for an alternative healthcare approach, often because conventional treatments have let them down. All of Chris’s patients find the treatment deeply relaxing and experience a sense of calm and harmony that is enhanced by Chris’s calm and open demeanour.  
The treatments take place with the patient lying (fully clothed) on a treatment bed with Chris’s hands gently on, or just above, the body. For those who are unable to lie on the treatment bed, sitting in a comfortable position works equally well.
A Healing session normally lasts approximately 30 minutes and it is advisable to drink plenty of water after the Healing.  Some patients may feel tired after the appointment; this is indicative of how deeply the work of Spirit has taken place.