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Welcome to my site, I’m Chris Ratter a Psychic Surgeon and Trance Healer from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Chris Ratter is a special kind of Spiritual Healer who performs non-invasive Psychic Surgery and Trance Healing.

Through his ‘Healing hands’, Chris channels energy from the powerful team of Spirit surgeons, doctors and healers that work through him. This energy is used to address the ailments and conditions that are present within the patient and has allowed Chris to witness many remarkable recoveries.

Chris has been developing these skills over many years and feels blessed to have found his life’s purpose. He possesses a burning passion to work with the Spirit World, to help heal those in need and to share his knowledge and expertise with those called to a similar path. The growing demand for his teachings and demonstrations are a testament to the success of his work and sincere, deferential manner.

Chris lives in Edinburgh (Scotland), where he currently holds weekly surgeries, and he also holds monthly surgeries across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Chris is honoured to be a servant and conduit for the Spirit World and is more than happy to help anyone who seeks out his services.

Chris is also a published Author of Mediumship Within.

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