“Chris carried out treatment on my leg last night. I had been getting a lot of pain due to a blood clot in my thigh. The treatment was very relaxing and comforting at the time, I was able to have a pain free sleep and the leg feels far less painful as I move around this morning, great result by a true gentleman.
This follows treatment my mother received from him in December. Shes had bother with athritis all her life and the last few years real bother with her eyes. Chris worked a lot on her eyes and when I drove her home she was getting very excited about how clear she could see in the night light. She phoned every day constantly reporting how things were much clearer.
Great guy, great results”

“Just got amazing news my creatinine level is down to 285. It has not been that level for a year and a half. My nurse said they never see that happening so i know its Chris and his amazing Spirit team. Thanks”


“I have been attending Chris Ratters clinic for a short while due to a condition called COPD, there is no doubt it has helped me tremendously and all I have to say is I was a sceptic but not anymore.

Alan Osbourne

“When I first met Chris I was having a lot of discomfort with my stomach and digestive system which is now all gone. Chris makes you feel so welcome and relaxed when you go for your healing session. Many thanks Chris & spirit for all your held

Sadie Bradley

“Hi Chris, I've been meaning to contact you for a while now to share my wonderful news (although I suspect you already know!) The treatment I came for in April worked I conceived that same month and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant. I hope you are well and keeping busy

Angela Mather